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Capricorn Supermoon and wading through spiritual bullsh!t

Greeting beloved, Thank you for joining me again.

Moon magick has played a huge part in traditional witchcraft for centuries. Harnessing the cycles of the moon in accordance with it's astrological placement can be a valuable asset to your spiritual path, your spell work and understanding the themes in our society, relationships, business, love and mundane life in general.

We are fast approaching the Capricorn Supermoon, this event will occur on the 3rd July at 9:38PM EST. Full moon and new moon energy can resonate themes for up to 4 weeks after the event and they can shape the vibe of that period of time quite powerfully. You may realise and sense themes and patterns coming into this supermoon already. This moon coming up is a super moon, meaning the moon is closer in orbit to the Earth than usual, looking bigger and brighter in the sky. Supermoons are hyper powerful for magickal workings.

Firstly, what does moon in Capricorn mean?

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and this energy is about discipline, hard work, responsibility, rules, boundaries, accountability, regulations, long term plans ,goals and karma. This is grandfather energy - the old wise one who gives blessings when we have done the work. The full moon is an accumulation, the full representation and illumination of this celestial being before a release - and with this moon it's a good time to ask yourself - How can I make things work for my long term goals and plans? Are there projects that need to be refined? Is my endurance and devotion to hard work in attaining those goals and plans in check? Am I sabotaging myself with not being disciplined or irresponsible with my actions? Do I need to look at discipline around finances, relationships, health and body? When we do the hard work on our pursuits, Capricorn energy can grant boons, bring blessings and a sense of achievement. Keep the end goal your focus and achieve them with careful planning and sharp judgement right now.

Another thing that may need sharp judgement during this moonth is gaining the ability/insight/illumination to see through other people's and new age bullsh!t.

I find that needing a special talent to filter new age bullsh!t is a common theme in spiritual circles and it is important to be able to safely wade through fake spirituality, spiritual bypassing, the endless promises of "upgrading to 5D" if we just sit here thinking love and light, and the lie of - "you can change your life if you just think positive"... and what the heck is this obsession with "activation"?

Am I inoperative? Don't get me wrong - There is absolutely a need for us to keep our chin up and be open to possibilities, so we don't shut ourselves down from new opportunities and experiences, but there is a whole lot of entitlement, judgement for judging people (ha!), avoidance, escapism, and bypassing slowly creeping out from under the rug with this kind of conditional thinking.

Is this healthy for our spirituality?

Is it helping?

Is it wise?

We are culturally and societally shamed for speaking out about our deep emotions, speaking our truth or views that seem a bit negative, challenging or judgmental, Goddess forbit if we have a healthy ego to go with it and are not afraid to express it. Our ego is important! Our ego keeps us safe and aware of dangerous situations... it exists for very good reasons. We often get in trouble for being judgmental, but this is what Capricorn energy is about - Discernment and good judgement allows us to make things happen and separate the real from the bullsh!t.

So don't allow yourself to be bullied for having sound judgement, an ego or an opinion that does not resonate with your spiritual circle. Capricorn says - create healthy boundaries, maintain a good judgement, be as wise as an elder, and fine tune that bullsh!t filter! The theme for this supermoon in Capricorn will be the quest for logical, sound thinking and judgement - we need to come to a place where we can healthily express our needs without feeling vulnerable or miserable about it. We are already feeling the affects of this now (I am) and this energy is showing us the importance of putting our emotions into words even if it is a little uncomfortable to us. Are you communicating and expressing your needs in a way that others can meet you and help you to achieve your long term goals and dreams? If not this may present itself in unhealthy ways where people will push your boundaries, test you and take advantage of your good will, your time, skills or generosity. This energy is also about getting clean and healthy, maturing in attitudes and taking some responsibility for our future with healthy habits, and checking ourself (and other people) if we are having a child like tantrum - those are some of the themes of this moon. You may feel yourself asking questions like: What is my purpose? Where am I going? What am I building? How can I make my goals happen? It's time to get practical, measure and build. Capricorn is invested in the long term - actual progressive building. Tangible, step-by-step-get-things-done-with-real-intention energy.

How to put it into action with witchcraft This full supermoon energy is about release and cleanse from all that bullsh!t I mentioned above. Full moons are a perfect time for releasing spells, cleansing practices, spiritual baths, taking stock, celebrating and giving thanks for what has been accomplished. De-cluttering, re-organising and cleansing your space to allow the energy for building your dreams and for healing and letting go of themes related to this lunar cycle.

Take a cleansing spiritual bath Taking Spiritual baths are an integral part of healthy habits in witchcraft. We knowingly or unknowingly pick up stuff that sticks to us throughout our daily life. I love taking a spiritual cleansing bath from the first day of the full moon and for seven days consecutively after. Here is a recipe for a full moon cleansing bath to be made 24 hours before the moon is full and the bath is to be performed for at least 7 days thereafter. This is a Brujeria recipe and needs a little preparation.. so here it is:

Full moon cleansing bath recipe 13 carnation flower heads 2 litres of Pure or filtered water 1 can of Coconut milk 1 bottle of Coconut water

Rice water (recipe below) Buckwheat water (recipe below) 1 litre of Goats milk

1 packet of Cascarilla

13 drops of Hyssop oil or a tablespoon of dry herb 1 white tapered candle Rice water - Sit rice to soak in 1 litre of pure water overnight, then strain and add the water to the mix Buckwheat water - Sit buckwheat to soak in 1 litre of pure water overnight and add the water to the mix

Melt the bottom of the white candle and adhere it to the centre of a big bowl. Combine all of the ingredients in the bowl and let sit together for 24 hours. Light the candle and pray Psalms 23 or prayer/incantation for cleansing of your choice over the mixture. Use a portion of the mixture every day for 7 days. I divide it into 7 jars for easy use. Keep leftover mixture in the fridge. Prepare for your ritual: Take a shower and clean yourself as normal Set the mood with candles, incense and music. Use power words and prayers (psalm 23) over the bath water as you prepare for your cleansing ritual. When you get into the bath, pour the mixture over your head 7 times envisioning all of the cleansing you require. Do this over 7 days.

Cleanse your home and tidy your altar Attract good luck, abundance and blessings into your home, and take advantage of the full moon energies by cleaning, organising and clearing clutter from your home - perform a floor wash for your home using a blend of sea salt, basil, peppermint and rosemary, a little cascarilla, or with peaceful home wash and then perform a blessing with offerings of smoke.. Capricorn energy is about ancestors and deceased loved ones and this is a beautiful time to clean and cleanse your ancestral altar using an altar wash, refresh offerings, flowers and smoke from Capricornian herbs like Rosemary. Rosemary is a wonderful herb for ancestral veneration and spraying a little rosemary hydrosol or leaving a little hydrosol in an offering bowl is a smokeless way of venerating your ancestors and honouring deceased loved ones.

Spells and Rituals for Capricorn Full moon.

Spells for this Capricorn Full moon are about endings, release and renewal. What do you need to release in order to make things work for you long term? Are there people, habits and things that are holding you back from achieving these dreams? What boundaries do I need to put in place so that I can get this stuff done? You may wish to do a banishing spell, or a road opening spell to help you to let go of issues that are holding you back from achieving those goals and dreams. You may have been doing the work and are finding that you are being granted with good luck, blessings and achieving your dreams, so you may wish to do a gratitude spell or give thanks to the moon for your blessings, or thanks to your deities, ancestors or guides at this time. You may wish to throw a little celebration in this honour. Full moons are a perfect time for a frolicking good time to help release some of that energy! Perform a releasing ceremony

You will need: paper Fire proof bowl Candle and/or lighter

Under the full moon, spend time alone, perhaps outside or in a window with the moonlight streaming in, light a candle and with your BOS or note paper to write down all those things you are ready to release. Feel the emotions around these things. Allow yourself to move through those feelings. See/feel/know the outcome of these things you wish to release. Once this list is complete, fold it away from you, turn it to the left, fold away from you and then burn this list. Light the edge of your list on fire and watch as all of the things that have been burdening you down start to burn away. After the list has turned to ash, you can bury these ashes outside, blow them away into the wind, or flush them down the toilet, as you do so say “I release what no longer serves me” and allow yourself to leave it behind you. You may wish to do a little meditation after this ritual, or dance, drum or sing to release any emotions or energy you may have at this time.

Well, that's all for now.

Thank you for reading my rantings.

Happy super moon in Capricorn! Bless you all, Zofia

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