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Wormwood Cleansing Sticks 2 pack

Wormwood Cleansing Sticks 2 pack

Artemisia Absinthium 


A protective magical herb used to prevent accidents, stimulates psychic visions & magical contact with spirits, communicate with the dead, protection, ritual, psychic awareness, dreamwork, spiritual work. Brings courage, fearlessness & enthusiasm for life.


Wormwood is used in powerful magickal workings, for healing benefits, burn as a saining stick for protection, to banish anger, reverse negativity, heighten psychic awareness, and protect your home.


Folk names: Absinthium, Absinthe Wormwood, Bitter Wormwood, Common Wormwood, Green Ginger, Grand Wormwood, Old Woman, Absinthe, Crown for a King, Madderwort, Wormot  

Ruler :  Mars, saturn    

Element: Fire   
Parts used: Arial parts

Deities: Diana, Artemis, Aesculapius, Horus, Isis, Castor, Iris, Menthu, Pollux, The Maiden Goddess.


Magickal uses: Possesses strong protective energy. An excellent herb to use when working to enhance your psychic abilities.  Assists with opening the third eye & heightening psychic & intuitive skills.  Added to magickal sachets & mojo bags for protection against accidents. Hang in your car or carry on you.Use Wormwood : In spells to send harmful magic back on the sender & for spells for vengeance.  Combine with mugwort & burn for calling up spirits. Make sure the area is well-ventilated as smoke can be very irritating to eyes & throat & is toxic if inhaled. It is useful in banishing spirits.  To relieve anger & allow the user to vent it in a more peaceful way. To prevent strife or war.   In love charms & spells to draw a lover. Sacred to the maiden Goddess, use for scrying & divination as part of an incense, a weak tea to drink before scrying & wash for the instruments used.   Used in women’s rites, especially those pertaining to rites of passage from child to maiden.  In initiation rites, especially those prior to testing times.   Good for those who feel utter despair as a result of their life circumstances.  Wormwood clears psychic channels & can be used for astral travel & channelling. In folk-magickal practice it was used to protect the crops against mice, vermin & insects. Protect against mischievous elves & evil spirits & used in anti-daemonic spells, particularly at the beginning of the year or at winter solstice. Sprinkled around the house or hung above windows & doors: wards off evil spirits & disease.  Infuse in water or oil to anoint divination tools.

Other beneficial Uses : 
Strong antiseptic qualities. Used for the treatment of: intestinal parasites, stomach pains, gas, indigestion, nervousness, gout, kidney stones, liver disorders, fevers, & general infections, anti-inflammatory, anti- tumor. A digestive stimulant used to stimulate hunger, improve digestion & increase nutrient absorbtion & strengthen the immune system. It has been used to strengthen contractions while easing labor pains, to bring on delayed menstruation & relieve related bloating symptoms. Has also been used to bring on abortions.  Used as a treatment for beestings, wasps,  scorpions & snakebites.  It is beneficial in the elimination of parasites & worms.   Contra-indications & warnings: Use only low doses internally as high doses can be toxic.  Do not take wormwood for more than 2 weeks at a time.  Pregnant women who would like to stay pregnant & women who are trying to become pregnant should not use or handle wormwood.  Reduce or discontinue your use of wormwood if you experience nausea, vomiting, insomnia, excessive thirst, restlessness, vertigo, dizziness, trembling, numbness of the extremities, delirium, paralysis, convulsions and seizures.   The thujone content is poisonous in large doses so if you are going to use this herb, use it with caution and respect or it will have the last laugh at your expense!


*Occult properties of curio are provided for historical interest only, and no outcome is guaranteed. None of this information should be taken as medical or legal advice. Please use curio responsibly.


These statements have not been evaluated by the TGA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.



    All botanicals are proudly grown organically with no toxins, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides in the growing, picking or packaging process. 
    100% Product of Australia

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