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Banishing Oil

Banishing Oil


This formula is used when you need to banish negativity, bad habits, harmful people or situations, or anything that is affecting you negatively. It can sheild you from unwanted visitors and attention.
May be used to anoint yourself, charms, use in spellwork, petition papers, candle spells, objects, rub onto door knobs and doorways etc..

How to use Banishing Oil:
There are a number of methods for using Banishing Oil. It can be applied on your divination and altar tools. It can be anointed on doors or windows and dabbed onto talismans, amulets, and jewelry. Mix a few drops in a few litres of water and use this as a floor wash. If you have an undesirable roommate, take some Banishing Oil and rub down their doorknob. Banishing Oil can be used in the workplace by anointing some on your desk or dab a bit in an area where a pesty co-worker will come into contact with it.

How to use Banishing Oil in a Spell or Ritual:
Get a black candle and anoint it with Banishing Oil by rubbing the oil down the candle towards its base. Write your petition on a piece of paper (whatever you would like to be rid of - be very specific)! On that paper, use some Banishing Oil to make the shape of a cross. Place your candle in a candle holder and then place this on top of your petition. When ready, light the candle and recite either Psalm 7 or 9. After the candle has finished burning, take what is left, including your petition, and leave it at a crossroads (intersection).

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