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New Moon Magick 101: Manifest when you see the crest

We have all read and heard in the spiritual circles that as soon as the new moon occurs you should be prompted to madly manifest your intentions and charge into the new moon cycle with gusto. But hold up! She (or He depending on which folklore you follow) is not ready to hear you yet - for the triple goddess has gone into her cave for three days and nights, she is in the darkest chambers of her temple - quietly waiting to be reborn - so any direction you ask her to assist you with will not have any outcome as she is unseen, invisible, there is no light available, no energy from her yet - she is lost in the glare of the sun and any moon activities and intentions will not manifest for us and our steps will be fruitless. The Ancient Hermetic principle of "As above so below" was all about visual astrology where the ancient astrologers of antiquity observed what they saw in the night sky and applied it to their life - so in saying this, the moon requires to be visible for something to manifest. The more that the moon is visible and grows to fullness the more manifestation becomes possible. Celestial bodies that are in conjunction with the sun are combust and ineffective. Lost in the glare of the sun is considered a celestial body's underworld transformational experience. Like Jonah in the belly of the whale, Jesus in the tomb, Inanna in the Underworld. These three days disappearing symbology is relevant in all ancient cultures of the world. The monthly disappearance of the moon for three days is her/him going into the underworld. The pausing period, the waiting period of the moon. It’s time to go to the temple. To the cave. To the underworld to be re born out the other side. It's time to pause, reflect, it's the opportunity to transform, to purge, to release, let go of the things that are not fulfilling you.

The moon governs our dreams, goals and desires, our emotions, our sense of security, stability and safety in the world, the moon represents what we need in our life in order to feel fulfilled. If you sit with the dark moon energy, you may realise it’s a time of letting go of something that is not aligned or fulfilling you. You may come to a realisation of what you need to give birth to. The new moon is correlated with new beginnings, she is the new light that you can use to put intention into and redirect your life when it becomes visible in the sky.

During the dark moon it may be an idea to list the actions you want to undertake towards achieving the fruit of your harvest.

Then when it becomes visible a few days later: "manifest when you see the crest."

The dark moon phase is excellent for doing a cleanse, a detox, a fast or purge, a liquid or soup fast, it's a powerful time for clearing waste and toxins from our body. Avoid alcohol. Stick to pure food, herbal teas that assist with flushing away toxins in order to assist healing during the waxing phase.

During the dark moon phase I like to cleanse my body using salt and magnesium baths with Hyssop and Florida Water, cold water therapy, fasting.

My favourite teas to drink during this phase are dandelion root tea, peppermint, wild fennel seed, marshmallow root and yarrow. I smoke mugwort, wormwood and entheogenic herbs to gain insight. I clean, purge clutter and cleanse the house using smoke and hydrosols. Dark and New moon crystals: Labradorite and Black Obsidian in fact I like to use a lot of black crystals - I love shungite and Jet too. The new moon and waxing phases are then times to perform spells for love, money, prosperity, healing, abundance, gaining relationships, knowledge and power. As the moon waxes the moisture increases within our bodies, the skin is more absorbent, our hair grows faster. You can do things like taking care of damaged hair, dying hair, tinting, trimming for growth.

The new moon and waxing phase is time for planting seedlings, for trimming and cutting anything you want to increase growth, to plant and transplant anything that grows above the ground, planting greens and herbs.

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