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It’s Fridays I’m in Love

Greetings Magi Folk

Thank you for joining me for another blog post, today I’m going to talk about love spells and love magick.

On a Friday morning, when the sun was sextile Venus, during a waxing moon I put a love spell on my husband.

I performed a candle magick ritual and every day that I lit that candle I prayed over it and every time I walked past it - I re told it what to do. Every day I extinguished it - I thanked it. By the end of those seven days of that candle burning my husband was declaring his undying love to me, reminiscing and telling our children the story of the day we met, telling me he now believes in love at first sight, telling me how happy he is and how blessed we are. He said he could not believe how he felt right now - he was absolutely gushing with love. Our love is stronger than the day we met and it is beautiful. Now let me share how I did it. Every day of the week has a corresponding deity who possesses powerful energies for us to harness. Mondays it's the moon. Thursday it's Thor, Sunday it's the Sun King... and so on... Fridays are Freya's day - a.k.a Venus the goddess of love. If you have an interest in Astrology you may gain more of an understanding of the god/godess's and deities that correspond with the celestial bodies and how to harness their power at the right time.

I collected my supplies and I waited until the planetary hour of Venus. I sat at my ancestral altar, lit a candle and asked my ancestors to be present and guide me in my work. My ancestral altar is where I do all of my working lately - I used to have a few altars, but have found that the only one I need is with my Ancestral Spirits. The altar and is filled with photo's, memorabilia, offerings, memento mori and magickal tools - I'll write about this more another time. I lit rose incense and thanked the Slavic Goddess of Love Mokosh and asked her to accept my offering. I took 1 heat proof tray, 1 seven day white candle, a sewing needle, rosehip and rose oil, dried rose petals, angelica seeds, lemon balm and basil. I took the curio and crushed them up in my mortar and pestle, rubbing them with my fingers taking time using imagery and words to give them intention. I put them aside. I took my seven day candle and took up my needle, carving symbols for the great Mother Mokosh and magickal words into the spine of the candle. I took the oil of rosehip and mixed it with Rose oil in my palm - the smell was so intoxicating at this point, it was very real to feel ecstatic love for my man. I placed the middle of the candle into my oiled palm and rubbed the candle up to the wick and down to the base - as above so below. All the while I am imagining and whispering incantations. Then I do the same with the herbs - roll the middle of the candle in my palm, sticking the herbs up and down and all over. I place the enchanted candle onto a heat proof dish, with both of my hands I push all of my intention into the candle and say "While this candle burns, the love that (his Name) has for me (my Name) grows, every day that this candle burns - the love that (his Name) has for (my Name) grows stronger." I repeated this incantation every day that I lit this candle until it finished burning.

Candle magick is a simple way to perform successful spells; you don't need an elaborate repertoire. A candle, an anointing oil, a herb, some words and a healthy imagination. I find that harnessing the right time with the celestial beings and planetary hours is helpful and one can strongly influence their reality.

I don't need permission to perform my spells, I am a traditional witch - I don't believe in the three fold law. I curse, I cure, I love. I'm aware that there is an action, a reaction and a consequence. I also take precautions to protect myself and redirect energy. I am in control of my life. If you would like to learn more about spell work, how to use curio and make your own anointing oils and herbs, tips and tricks I encourage you to become a member on the website and get full benefit of a magickal community, forum, members discounts, and access to the craft and curio coven.


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