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Hi Witches and Magi Folk, As I write this on Summer Solstice Eve I look back on a fabulous year, and I thank you so much for being a part of it! You are the magi that makes the craft and curio.

Summer Solstice has 2 dates this year - the traditional date on the 21st December and the exact astrological date on the 22nd December at 7:36 am. HAPPY MIDSUMMER!

I again must humbly apologise for my absence here to my members both old and new. This you will learn about me being a Sun in Gemini - I'm quite like a Cheshire cat where "I'm not all there myself"... a lot of the time. If you follow me on the social media pages you will have seen all the new magickal tricks and tools I have created. It's been an awesome year for product development now that I've expanded to do markets and personalised spellwork, I have had the opportunity to develop new and important spellcraft tools for all. I have found that there is a trend with hexing, cleansing and protection, money and love spells. This is certainly a selection all of my favourite type of spellwork! I humbly welcome my new subscribers and thank the ones who have stuck around. As a one woman band and although I wish I could clone myself, I'm not sure the world could cope with two of me. But then again perhaps it already does with me being a Gemini Sun - who knows. I want this space to evolve to be a regular newsletter with all the craft and curio news so here is the latest:

  • I am having an exclusive subscribers only 7 day POST SUMMER SOLSTICE SALE with 40% OFF EVERYTHING! This will include your very own VIP first dibs on previously unreleased goodies like witches prayer beads, herb bundles and spell boxes. I must apologise this will be a little later than advertised as I have had my little kitty go missing this week, and I am so heartbroken I have had to postpone it a few days, more like starting on Christmas eve - you will get the email with your coupon code and access to the exclusive products when it is live. Share the love and tell your witchy friends to subscribe to my website to share the Holy Days love! This sale will include free upgrade to Express Post Australia wide.

  • I will be taking Paypal payments off the site at the end of the year. You will still be able to use payments like cash on delivery (I love cash - we must keep it king), payment systems like square and Pay ID, the payment system stripe will still exist - which enables bankcard payments, bank transfers, and Afterpay. The reasoning behind this is such - I have chosen to do this in the interest of free speech and social media sovereignty. I will not support big companies such as paypal in their all powerful position that think they can dictate terms on what people can and cannot say on social media. If you didn't know - they made it a term of use that they threatened to debit $2,000.00 from anyone being a naughty slave and talking about things that Paypal and big tech do not agree on - online. Witchcraft and the ability heal one self is one of those things. They very quickly retracted their terms as people left the platform in droves - but I cannot trust a company that has threatened to do this so I am walking away from the platform, personally and in business. Anyway, enough about politics - do forgive me.

  • Loyalty Rewards program! I am super excited about this - I have created a "Coven Credits" loyalty system that awards you 1 boon for every dollar you spend on my website. When you reach 100 boons you receive 30% off your next purchase. You will find the tab Coven Credits in the menu bar to check out your loyalty boons.

  • A few things need to change on the website to make it a little more user friendly, so in the next year I will be making slight adjustments here and there to streamline it's use as I learn more about website design and building. Please let me know if something does not work on the website. I noted that across a few different gadgets it behaves differently.

  • Courses: Online and in person. I am being pushed - no, encouraged to do classes in the new year. All I need to do is write them. They will be available online via payment the website and personal classes to be held at Dyoligy in Traralgon - Stay tuned. This is gonna be fun.

  • And finally I have one more very important announcement to make: I have a new witches assistant! This one is so incredibly exciting for me as it has helped me to get so much more magickal stuff done in these past weeks! It's a pure joy to have her around as we pick and package herbs together. It's growing season, so I am loving having an extra set of hands on board. She is a wonderful young lady whom I have known since her childhood, have watched her blossom into a young witchling and will introduce her to you all very soon.

That's about it for this newsletter folks. I bestow all of the brightest of Summer Solstice blessings to you and your Kin, soak up all that the Sun King has to offer right now, the harvest, the fiery energy, the southern hemisphere summertime is something that is quite powerful and cleansing. With the biggest love in my heart to all of you... Rock on, witches. Zofia

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