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Salvia Officinalis ~ 15g


“The desire of Sage is to render man immortal”  Used for good health, protection, longevity, immortality, purification, wisdom, mental clarity, prevents nightmares.


Sage is used in magical workings for immortality, longevity, wisdom, protection and the granting of wishes.  Sage is also believed to help alleviate the sorrow of the death of a loved one.  To make a wish, write your wish on a sage leaf and sleep with it under your pillow for three days and then bury it.  Add sage to mojo bags to promote wisdom and to overcome grief.

Burn sage at a funeral rites and memorials to help relieve the grief of the mourners and ease transition.


Common Names: Common sage, Culinary sage, Purple Sage 
Element: Air  

Planet:  Jupiter and Moon.

Gender: Masculine  

Astrological: Gemini  

Correspondences: Jupiter, Air/Earth 
Deities:  The Virgin and The Crone, Zeus, Jupiter, Perun.  

Sabbath: Samhain


Magickal Uses:  This herb is of Elemental Earth, which resonate with the body, caves, chasms, silence, graves, fields, and the Hermit’s Path. It is great for slaying the ego. Emotionally, sage helps build strength and courage, it is an important aid in grounding oneself. Great for cleansing an area of negativity, provides protection from negative magick.  It is helpful in burying or hiding aspects about oneself, as in making a glamour, in the reverse - digging up aspects, and so exploring the psyche or finding lost objects.  The most common ritual use for sage is in herb bundles, but if you are smoke intolerant, or you just prefer a cleaner method, you can also boil sage on the stove for a cleansing effect. Burn it when seeking knowledge or guidance in a difficult situation.  Use in spells to encourage wisdom.  Carry a leaf in your wallet or throw a pinch of dried sage in your abundance bag or money mojo for prosperity. Place on your altar for balancing the mind and mental clarity. Surround the base of a blue candle to heal frazzled emotions and spiritual disquiet.  Strongly associated with wisdom and experience, dried garden sage makes a charming gift for the witch or crone. Use in spells to break an unwanted desire or an unhealthy infatuation for a love interest: burn every night next to a photo of the man or woman until your desire wanes. Burn during funeral and memorial rites; sage facilitates healthy grief and bonding with the spirits who have passed. Place a sachet in your pillow to drive away nightmares. Strew around an outdoor sacred space to bless the ground and clear it of negativity.  Indeed, most Salvia species can be burned by the non-indigenous witch and we can leave white sage to those to whom it is truly sacred. If you must have it, try to grow it yourself; buying and selling sacred things is disrespectful. People who prefer not to use White Sage, either because of allergies or cultural sensitivity, may use Common Sage instead.


Other Beneficial uses: Antiseptic, antifungal, hydrotic (used to sweat profusely). The name Salvia derives from the Latin word Salveo, “to heal” or “to save” It has long been used in healing.  It was used to treat fevers, reduce hot flushes, liver disease and epilepsy. Traditionally burned on charcoal to disinfect sick rooms. The tea is drunk as a healthful tonic. Used to strengthen the memory and improve alertness, great for oral infection.  It was also said that a woman who ate sage cooked in wine would never be able to conceive. Fresh leaves were said to cure warts. Sage tea has antiseptic qualities and makes a good gargle for sore throats.  Sage may boost insulin action, and therefore, a daily cup of tea may be helpful for those with diabetes. Use one or two teaspoons of dried sage leaves to one cup of boiling water.  Crushed leaves will discourage insects. 
Precautions: Sage contains the chemical compound thujone, which affects the nervous system. Ritual or medicinal use of Sage may intensify the sedative effects of some medications. 
Avoid during pregnancy.


*Occult properties of curio are provided for historical interest only, and no outcome is guaranteed.
None of this information should be taken as medical or legal advice.
Please use curio responsibly.

All of the craft and curio herbs are proudly grown in an organic sustainable way.
NO pesticides, herbacides, toxic fertilizers or chemicals are used in the growing, harvesting or processing of these botanicals. 100% Product of Australia




    All botanicals are grown, cultivated, picked at the correct planetary day, time and moon cycle, dried and processed by me. The herbs are 100% Organic throughout all these processes. No chemicals, pesticides, or artificial additives are used. This I guarantee. 


    The product is dehydrated as soon as it is picked and fully sealed to ensure the freshest botanicals are supplied to you. The product is in a dark re-sealable/re-usable bag to remain fresh for you. 
    If for any reason you are unsatisfied with this product please contact me directly for a refund or exchange. 

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