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Samhain Blessings to you all!

Happiness to me is watching my favourite season change the landscape from full of life to quiet, cold death. I have reaped the harvest of my good work, I'm enjoying hearty meals, now I can curl up in front of a fire with a good book; often teaching myself something new and expanding on my spirituality, go walking in nature picking mushrooms. I enjoy frosty mornings, rolling fog, rain on the roof... I remember and honour the dead, my ancestors who have helped me to get where I am right now. Some people find the looming winter depressing and gloomy, but when we live our lives according to the seasons we understand there is a need to ebb and flow, to play and to rest, to live to die and honour these sacred cycles of the great wheel, working with them and not against them - this is where we find inner peace.

My Dear Magi Folk, I have been away from the website for sometime and I do apologise, the apocalypse has prompted me to re think the way I want to live and I have been very busy creating permaculture gardens with my witch bestie; weaving the magick of manifestation, of creating and living the dream. My husband and I bought an off grid bush block in the mountains and everything is coming along nicely, now that it is cooler and the snakes have gone to the underworld, we can clear some spaces of bush to expand my witches garden and sow the seeds for spring. In other news: I had a wonderful response at the psychic and wellbeing expo in Morwell last Sunday, thank you all those that came to support me - it inspired me to come back and put some love into the website and to my subscribers. The online shop has been restocked with what I could, and a re stock will be done in Dyoligy Traralgon soon. Stay magickal wonderful people.

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