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Witches Wreath

Witches Wreath

The witches wreath represents the turning of the wheel of the year, an eternal circle turning through the darkness to the light. The circular wreaths are an old Pagan tradition that originated with the ancient Slavic, Celtic and people of Scandinavia. These people worshiped the rhythms of the earth with the sun being central in importance to them. During the Winter Solstice our ancient people prayed for the sun's return and the reassurance that spring was coming. The center of these rituals was a living wreath. The wreath was traditionally formed with evergreens. It symbolized the unending circle of life and rotation of the seasons. The evergreen was used as it's part of the earth that survives winters cold weather and darkness. Traditionally candles were lit and set within the wreath bringing light to the darkness. Ceremonial fires and candles play a big part in rituals. The wreath was displayed indoors. Either hung like a chandelier or on top of a table or altar. Later on in history the tradition was modified to include hanging the wreath on walls and doors.

Rosemary wreaths were laid to remember the dead, bramble wreaths are used for protection and warding. 
My wreaths are made in accordance with the sabbathical cycles I may consult with you to create any wreath you desire. 
My pricing is calculated from $20.00 up to 20 cms then at a dollar per centimeter. 
Please contact me to discuss the particulars of your wreath.

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