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Witches Black Salt

Witches Black Salt

A traditional recipe from old grimoires used for protection, reversing negative work, bindings, circle casting, candle magic and ritual.


Witches Black Salt is a preparation of ingredients that can eliminate negative energy in your home, business, keep unwanted guests away from returning, protect you or your home from the influence of third parties such as family members or unwanted neighbors, or you can use it to ward off rivals, unbearable co-workers & a bad person who may be making life complicated for you.  

Witches Black salt can be used around the home on a regular basis, after cleansing or on special days & ritual throughout the year. Keep it simple & do a light sprinkle around your doorways, windows, perimeter of your home inside & out as well as corners. Don’t forget to line your property with it as well & along your fences. You can keep some on you by putting a little in your shoes, pockets, purses & cars. You can also use this at work no matter how big or small you space is!

Draw a line light enough so you know its there, but not to be seen. 


*Occult properties of curio are provided for historical interest only, and no outcome is guaranteed. None of this information should be taken as medical or legal advice. Intended for curio use only.


    The craft and curio botanicals are grown organically with no toxins, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides in the growing, picking or packaging process. 
    Proudly 100% Australian grown, owned and made. 

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