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Solomon's seal root

Solomon's seal root

Polygonatum biflorum


Folk names:  American Solomon’s Seal, King Solomon’s Seal, King Solomon’s-seal, Small Solomon’s Seal, Lady’s Seals. St. Mary’s Seal, True Solomon’s Seal, Sow’s Tits, Sow’s Teats, Dropberry, Sealroot, Sealwort

Element: Water

Planetary: Saturn
Astrological: Capricorn
Gender: Feminine 

Magical Properties: Exorcism, Protection, Offering, Wisdom, Hex-Breaking, Success.
Placing the root of Solomon's seal in the four corners of your home is said to protect your home and its occupants. An infusion made with the roots can be used to purify an area, and burning it as incense has the same effect. Burning parts of the plant as incense is also said to aid in clearing the mind, allowing for greater wisdom and foresight when it comes to any sort of decision-making. Carry Solomon's seal in a red pouch with dragon’s blood, John the Conqueror root, five-finger grass, and devil’s shoestring to attract success, respect, and good favour.

Because it is related to the sorcerer King Solomon from Hebrew lore, it attracts helpful spirits. Carried, it brings success in business and wisdom in decision making. 

Herbal preparations, burn in a loose incense blend, add to floor washes, ritual baths, use to dress spell candles, stuff poppets, or as a casting herb.


Other beneficial uses:  Solomon’s Seal root can be made into an ointment to heal wounds, sprains, broken bones, scars, bruises, blemishes, poison ivy, and other related problems. Solomon’s seal has long been used for healing in regions it is native to in Europe and temperate regions in Asia and North America, particularly for its ability to mitigate severe bruising, as well as for its anti-inflammatory properties. First records of its use come from 1st century China, though indigenous groups in North America have been using it likely for just as long. Most often, the rhizome of the plant is used as a poultice and applied to areas affected by severe bruising and inflammation, and ingested to moderate inflammation of the intestines. Due to its demulcent properties, Solomon's seal is effective in soothing irritation in the respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts, as well as in reproductive systems.


*Occult properties of curio are provided for historical interest only, and no outcome is guaranteed.

None of this information should be taken as medical or legal advice.

Please use curio responsibly.



This herb are proudly locally grown, wild harvested or sourced in an organic sustainable way.

NO pesticides, herbicides, toxic fertilizers or chemicals are used in the growing, harvesting or processing of these botanicals.


Talk to your health professional if you are unsure if this herb is right for you.

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