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Shut the Folk Up spell kit

Handmade beeswax candles rolled in Shut the Folk Up spell powder for preventing others from speaking ill about you, stopping gossip, or stopping someone from plotting against you.


3 x ready made rolled beeswax spell candles

Shut the Folk Up Spell incense/powder

Beeswax lips 
Skull candle

Charcoal discs
Crystals: Black tourmaline, Smoky Quartz.

Also known as Shut up, Shut your mouth or Tapa la Boca powder - it is a traditional recipe used for its ability to sttop gossip and slander that may be causing you problems. It is also believed to halt any back-stabbing, distortions, or falsehoods that may be affecting your well-being or social status.


This ready made candle spell has been created so that all you have to do is set an intention,  see it, feel it, know it - create the outcome clearly in your being, and light the candle and send it to the universe.


You will need:

A clean and cleansed ritual space, you youself should be clean and cleansed, a flame proof dish or censer, brown petition paper and pencil, a photo of yourself, this candle spell kit.


Cleanse the kit and the altar space with florida water, herbal hydrosol or water mixed with sea salt.

Before you begin be very clear about your intention - how you see it coming about - be very precise - the universe will give you exactly what you asked for.

Perhaps meditate a little before you begin, dance, move, drum, sing, pray your intention.


Take up the black skull, cut into or sew the mouth shut, stuff it with a little of the spell powder, speaking your spell words, do this with passion... place it in the middle of your fire proof plate.
Melt the bottom of the rolled spell candles and adhere the spell candles to a fire proof plate, or candle holder in a triangle around the skull. 

Place the lips on the workings, you can stab, cut or sew the lips shut and sprinkle them with the spell powder, again repeating your spell words.
Place the crystals around the working telling the crystals what you want them to do.  Black tourmaline for protection, Smokey Quartz for grounding, manifestation and protection,

You may wish to strengthen the working by writing a petition paper with your power or magickal words of intention, and place it under the candle holder or your entire workings. Sprinkle a little of the shut the folk up powder around the whole working, tying it all together.

As you light your candles speak your spell words and send it to the universe.

You may wish to burn a little of the shut the folk up powder on top of a charcoal disc in a censor to aid your workings or as an offering to your ancestors, angels, guides.. etc


To dispose of the spell, you may bury it at a crossroads, throw it into running water away from you, burn it in a fireplace, or throw it in a bin. It is all natural and will not harm animals or the environment.


Spell powders are made with genuine roots, herbs and minerals that may be highly combustible. You must adhere this candle to a non flammable tray or candle holder. Because it burns fast - It will leave wax and burned botanicals in a puddle, you may collect that up, and dispose of your spell by burying it, or create a talisman or amulet from it or just throw it in the bin. 
thecraftandcurio is not responsible for the mis-use of this product.   


*Occult properties of curio are provided for historical and educational interest only and no outcome is guaranteed. None of this information should be taken as legal or medical advice.

Please use curio responsibly.  

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