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Santa Muerte Incense

Santa Muerte Incense

Glass vial with botanicals and resins: Patchouli, Rose Petals, Star Anise, Bay leaves, Holy Basil, Dark Copal and Golden Copal. 


Created for fumitory offerings to her Most Holy Death and chthonic archetypes.

Burn over charcoal, sprinkle over your altar, dress candles, create charms and talismans.


This Incense is ​​​​​handcrafted for offertory, devotional, synergistic and sympathetic magic ritual workings; in ritual for ceremonial work, blessings, sacraments, for affirming your intention associated and dedication with a particular archetype, deity or nature of your divination, enchantment, devotion, invocation and evocational workings.


Santa Muerte is a power not to be f*cked with - if you make a promise to her she will kick your a$$ if you do not follow through.  

She assists people for every and any intention and situation. A truly powerful archetype to work with. Once you dedicate yourself to her - she is with you for life. 


Prayer to Santa Muerte:

“Oh Most Holy Death, I invoke you so through your image you may free me from all danger, material or from bewitchment and through this sacred flame you may purify my body from all disgrace and malediction and that in turn love and abundance may come.”




Created in Latrobe Valley by the craft and curio.


the craft and curio is not responsible for the mis-use of this product.



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