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Red Brick Dust

Red Brick Dust



Red brick dust is an old hoodoo trick used to spiritually fortify one’s home, bring in prosperity, and more. The name gives it away – “red brick dust” – it is dust made from red bricks. This old conjure trick’s legend is said to have started in New Orleans in the French Quarter. Voodoo priestesses like Marie Laveau used red brick dust to protect their homes and places of practice. Red brick dust, also called reddening, has been used for centuries and is a modern version of the sacred red ochre used in ancient ritual.

Magickal uses: Spread a thin line across any doorway to ensure that no one human or otherwise who means you harm can enter. 
Add to spell bottles and jars, especially for luck, stability, and prosperity.
Sprinkle around the home to keep away enemies and unfriendly spirits.
Mix with oil or holy water to create a protective anointing paste for doors, windows, and altars.
Carry in a mojo bag along with protective herbs and amulets.
Place around the base of ritual candles for a protective and grounding influence.

To conjure a person, fill a bottle with red brick dust, a piece of devil’s shoestring, 9 navy beans, and 9 rusty nails. Top off with white lightning (moonshine), shake well while uttering a few choice words, then throw in the sewer. This conjure is sure to make a person very sick.

To swell a man and keep him from bragging, take a red brick and dress nine black candles on which the target’s name has been etched with a rusty nail. Write the same name on a piece of paper with Dragon’s Blood ink and place it face down on the brick. Tie the paper securely to the brick with twine. Light one candle per day for nine days. After the last candle has burned, throw the brick along with the candle remains in the canal or the sewer. “Just like the brick soaks up the water, so that man will swell” (Hurston, 1935).

To nullify an evil work, sprinkle some red brick dust on top of the crossed object. Make a wash with red brick dust. Wash doors and windows to keep out enemies. Red Brick Dust Candle Fix Add a pinch of red brick dust to candles for protection.

Red Brick for Safe Travel: Keep a chunk of red brick in the trunk of your car for protection and safe travel. Use red brick dust for barrier protection by sprinkling in your windows and doorways to keep out enemies.

Shake the Devil Off Powder
Powder to prevent from being crossed: crush up red brick dust, cascarilla and dragon’s blood and sprinkle around the home. This can also be added to floor washes and used to dust candles and petition papers.
Cleanse your door and threshold then sprinkle red brick dust over thresholds to keep out intruders of any kind

Mix with protective herbs, powders and sprinkle over thresholds for powerful protection

Create a “reddening” mix with urine, ammonia, or vinegar and wash down doors and thresholds (this is great for protection and prosperity)

According to Lucky Mojo – mix with cinnamon and brown sugar and wash front door to bring in extra cash quickly

Add it to spell bags, bottles and jars of all kinds

Encircle candles for protection and prosperity spells


Why is Red Brick Dust so powerful?

Bricks have been used for thousands of years to build homes; therefore, the purpose of the brick itself is protection from outside elements. Fired bricks are known to last the longest and be the strongest type of building block.

Bricks are made from materials of the earth like clay, sand, or lime. The earth element is an element of home protection. Iron is often a component of red bricks, a strong metal.

The color red (like the red brick) has long been associated with the world of the dead/ancestors since ancient times. Our ancestors are our strongest protectors.

So while the brick has its own physical protective qualities, those physical qualities pour over into the spiritual realm and become spiritually protective as well.


**Occult properties of curio are provided for historical interest only, and no outcome is guaranteed. None of this information should be taken as medical or legal advice. Please use curio responsibly.

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