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Purple Dragon Altar Kit

Purple Dragon Altar Kit

This Altar box is filled with all the magickal things needed to get you started on, commence or compliment your Witchcraft journey.  Create potions, pouches, candle magick spells, cleanse and protect yourself and your space.


Altar Box :
This solid pine witches box is handmade, grown, milled and created in South Gippsland, finished with the Japanese method of sugi-ban, where the wood is burned and oiled to create a protective layer. It's a beautiful box that you can take anywhere, in any weather and doubles as an altar, or a shelf, or even a little stool for all your witchy goodies.


The Curio and Herbs: Click on the curio for more info.

Sacred Lotus

Californian Poppy


Marshmallow leaf
Marshmallow Root

Bracken Fern

Blackberry Leaf

Stinging nettle

Lemon Balm

Raspberry Leaf

Pine needles



Bay Leaf

Lavender Buds Bunch

2 x Beeswax Candles

Florida water

Attraction Oil

Road Opener Oil

Healing Incense

Large White Sage Smoke Cleansing Stick

Juniper Smoke Cleansing stick
Wormwood, Mugwort, Rosemary and Lavender smoke cleansing stick
Crescent moon metal candle holder
Spell Bottle
Purple cast Iron Cauldron

Chevron Amethyst Dragons head carved crystal

All of this is Valued at over $400.00 


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