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Poppet - white

Poppet - white

Use white poppets for the magickal intent and purpose of cleansing, invoking healing and happiness on yourself or your target. White poppets can also be used for uncrossing a target, as well as a substitute for any colour you need.


What you need: Sewing needle with a large eyelet like an embroidery needleHerbs for the purpose you intend for your target. For healing and happiness use lavender, peppermint, basil, rosemary, chamomile, hyssop.

For cleansing and uncrossing use Agrimony, Rue, Basil, Hyssop, Dragons Blood, Sea salt, Sandalwood, Cascarilla.Personal concerns of your target - nail clippings, hair or spit.

Texta’s and extra cloth to dress it up.


How to use:
Sit at your altar or sacred space. Be clean and cleansed and in a space that is clean and cleansed. Set your altar as you do for your spiritual practice. Call in the corners and/or the elements. Sit for a few minutes and perform relaxation or breathing techniques. Connect in with your spirit guides, Deities or Ancestors and ask them to guide you. Take deep breaths and focus on the purpose you envision for this poppet. 
The emotional energy you put forth will resonate from the poppet along with the magical intent.. Keep healing, positive thoughts as you start this working. Picture yourself  or your target healthy, happy and energetic with no sign of the illness, or remnants thereof.
Begin stuffing the poppet with the fibre provided, alternatine between botanicals you have chosen for the condition, the fibres and the personal concerns (not necessary - but a powerful ingredient if you do have nail clipping, hair, teeth or spit)
As you fill the poppet with the herbs intended for the healing tell each herb the qualities it will bring to your target.
For uncrossing and spiritual cleansing you can use Agrimony, Hyssop, Basil, Sea Salt and Cascarilla.  
For example “ Lavender, I conjure you to bring peace and healing to (name) may (name) be blessed with your healing qualities” 
You may place crystals and minerals inside too. 
Top it off with fibre and stitch it closed. If you wish: You can give it a face, dress it in the appropriate clothes - if you have a piece of your targets clothing then use that, draw it’s name on it. Keep your intent pure and focused during the workings. You can name it officially by baptising it with Holy Water or Florida Water, and then proceed to do workings on it. 


*Occult properties of curio are provided for historical interest only, and no outcome is guaranteed. None of this information should be taken as medical or legal advice. Please use curio responsibly.

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