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Mullein Torch

Mullein Torch

Verbascum thapsus

Available in single and twin pack.

“If one beareth with him one twig of this wort, he will not be terrified with any awe, nor will a wild beast hurt him, or any evil coming near.”

GENDER: Feminine.
PLANET: Saturn, Mercury.
DEITY: Jupiter, Circe, Hekate, Morrigan, Mercury, Odysseus, Ulysses, Morana, Baba Yaga, Saturnian Deities, associated with all crone and death and psychopomp deities.

Dried mullein stalk in wax makes a torch as a light source and for support during a variety of rituals of the underworld, funeral rites, ceremonies, spiritual cleansing, and is also used to drive away evil.


Burning a mullein torch is quite like saining as it clears away negative energy, drives away evil spirits, purifies the air, thins the veil between dimensions, and brings spiritual protection. In folk magic, Mullein was named Hekate’s torch. The plant was dipped in oil or fat and was lit in Hecate’s name. Hecate’s torch was banishing all evil spirits, used in uncrossing rituals and could assist gaining clarity even in the most obscure situations.

Mullein candles make for a great tool for any ritual.


Mullein candles that are between 10 and 15 cms long burn for between 30 and 50 minutes and have flames that are 2 to 6 inches in height; once lit they are to be burnt to completion. Burn in a cauldron or fire proof censor. Must not be left unsupervised. Burn in a ventilated area. These candles are rolled in rose and lavender and contain a cosmetic grade fragrance.

These torches have many names including Mullein Torch, Hekate's torch, Hags Taper, Witches Candle, Jupiters Rod, King’s Candle, Torches, Candlewick Plant and more.
Represents focus and grounding, mulleins prescence is health giving and protective.

Power, Courage, Health, Divination, Exorcism, Protection, Purification, Religious, Banishment, exorcism, visions, love, divination, rituals for women, a talisman for safety.

'Candlewick plant.' An old superstition existed that witches in their incantations used lamps and candles provided with wicks of this sort.

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