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Leonurus cardiaca ~ 10g

Guard against the dark arts and spells, repel evil spirits, perform exorcism, guard against bad luck, envy or harmful influences. Use in love spells, and amulets for protection for the family.

Make into tincture, charms, talismans, use as a fumitory, blend through spiritual bath mixes and soaps, use in candle magick and poppets.

Folk Names:
Motherwort, Lions Ear, Lions Tail
Gender: Feminine 
Element: Water
Deities: Hecate, Brigid and Chiron

Magickal uses: Cleanse yourself of a curse using motherwort soap, As an Amulet Against Bad Luck; store this plant in a small red sack closed with a red thread. Hanging the plant on the door sill will repel all bad spells or curses that may have been thrown at your home, or on the people who live in it. To protect your children from evil: Put a pinch of motherwort through a rinse cycle with your childrens socks and underwear. To purify places and objects, a branch of motherwort is bathed in salt water. Use in potions where people want to keep others away.Create love poppets, and protective talismans.

To create a love bond:

The plant should be mixed 20-25 g with rose petals.

Put the motherwort in the alcoholic liquor (doesn’t have to be too strong) during a full moon night, which will bring you the man that you desire.

Say the following incantations over the mixture: 

“Miraculous motherwort, blessed and powerful, that by the cry of Mary Magdalene you spilled in my name (say your name),  change my luck in love, transform the thought of (the name of my beloved) so that he/she remains with me for eternity, and stop suffering the fear of heartbreak.

I will have luck in love, give me (the name of your beloved) that I need, for the blood of our lord spilled without remedy on Calvary, that my beloved will focus attention to me, forever.

Take away from me the fear of losing him/her, wrap him/her in my essence, in my love, my happiness, which he/she wishes only to be his/her body and soul, without fear or envy.

Tie it up next to me, let’s enjoy a full life together, and have no eyes for anyone but me, without ever leaving my side.

So be it.”

Other Beneficial Uses: Motherwort is beneficial to attack problems of constipation and spasms. It has antioxidant properties and is also highly recommended to treat conditions associated with menstruation.


These statements have not been evaluated by the TGA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

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