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Medium Cleansing Bundle

Medium Cleansing Bundle

Wormwood, Mugwort, Rosemary & Lavender

Burning a dried herb bundle is a ritual practice to cleanse and purify a space and to invite positive energy. The smoke fills and purifies the environment.As the smoke ascends, our wishes and intentions rise and mingle into the universe, connecting heaven, earth and humanity.

Before you begin, take time to gather your materials and set an intention. The mindfulness of a smoke ritual begins when you collect your supplies, so practice this with ease and care. Do your best to slow down and not rush through this first step. Keep the ritual materials sacred by using them only for space clearing.  You can store your other materials on your shrine or altar.   You will need: Matches and a candle.  A Fireproof container to catch any ashes. A bowl of sand to extinguish the bundle. Optional: a feather, fan or benchtop besom. Allow yourself some time to calm your mind and heart and to set an intention, light a candle, meditate for a moment on gratitude and on the outcome you are hoping for from this process. You may say a mantra or prayer as you are performing this ritual. Light the herb bundle from the candeflame and allow it to burn up a little. Blow out the flame and fan the smoke.
Be aware! Of the hot ash and embers falling onto the floor or flammable surfaces.
You may wish to use a small cauldron or non flammable vessel underneath the herb bundle to catch the embers while you fan with a small besom, fan or feather. Smudge yourself in an anti-clockwise driection (for southern hemisphere; clockwise for northern hemisphere) allowing the purifying smoke to envelop you.  Imagine yourself being cleansed by the smoke. To purify your space with the cleansing smoke: Go to the front door or the door you use the most, fan the cleansing smoke all around the opening. Move to the left and fan the smoke around the room in an anti-clockwise direction, paying particular attention to door openings,  windows and corners. Move to the room on the left and repeat.  You may choose to repeat a mantra/prayer/intention as you go along.  When you return to the place you started, give thanks and you may extinguish the herb bundle in the bowl with the sand or dirt, or allow it to keep burning in a cauldron or non flammable vessel.  Open up the windows and doors and allow the cleansing smoke to leave. 
Close your ritual.   

*Occult properties of curio are provided for historical interest only, and no outcome is guaranteed. None of this information should be taken as medical or legal advice. Intended for curio use only.



    These herbs and curio are proudly produced organically with no toxins, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides in the growing, picking or packaging process. 
    100% Product of Australia

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