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Lucifer Incense

Lucifer Incense

Botanicals Henbane, Mugwort, Wormwood, Patchouli, Myrrh, Dragons blood resin. 


This incense was created during the dark moon whilst Venus was reborn as the morning star.
A powerful blend of nightshade, herbs and resins to assist your spiritual workings with Lucifer.
Burn over charcoal, sprinkle over your altar, dress candles, create charms and talismans. 

Lucifer is a liberating force that encourages individual autonomy, questioning authority, challenging societal norms, self-discovery, and embracing personal sovereignty. He is associated with the exploration of our own inner darkness, the integration of shadow aspects, spiritual awakening, and the pursuit of personal transformation and empowerment.

Prayer to Lucifer:

“I call upon the radiant light of the Morning Star, Lucifer,

Shining bringer of knowledge and enlightenment.

I invoke your presence, Lucifer, and accept the transformation and enlightenment you bring.

With reverence and respect,

I welcome you Lucifer

Embodiment of rebellion and liberation.

Grant me the courage to challenge convention,

Embrace my true self, break free from limitations and ignite the fires of my inner strength.

I seek your wisdom Lucifer, as I embark on this journey of illumination,

Guide me through the shadows that I may confront,

Reveal to me the hidden truths that lie within, and grant me the clarity to discern my own path.

As I call upon your name, Lucifer, I acknowledge the duality of existence,

The balance between light and dark;creation and destruction.

Hail Lucifer, light-bringer, embodiment of individualism,

I honor and welcome your presence into my life and practice.

May your guidance illuminate my path, as I strive for growth, knowledge, and mastery.

Hail and welcome Lucifer!"


Astrological Associations: Lucifer's association with Venus is primarily rooted in the symbolism of the Morning Star or the Light-Bringer. In ancient mythology, Venus (as the planet visible in the morning sky before the sunrise) was astrological associations referred to as Lucifer. As the morning star, Venus heralds the dawn and the new day, bringing forth light and illumination. . In some esoteric and occult traditions, Lucifer ' s connection to Venus is a symbol of spiritual enlightenment, wisdom, and the pursuit of personal power.


**Nightshades such as Belladonna and Henbane must be treated with reverence and respect at no time are they to be used internally




Created in Latrobe Valley by the craft and curio.


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