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Love Drawing Oil

Love Drawing Oil

A very old hoodoo formula used in love spells to draw someone you know closer for love and intimacy.


Do you have him but are not sure if he will stay?

Want her to marry you, not just be your “friend”?

Love me is the oldest and most traditional love formula.

It’s the one alleged to get the goods: romance, passion, proposals of marriage, and faithfulness.


This oil is used for ritual, spells, anointing a mojo/gris gris, candle magick, bathing, in an oil burner, applying to pulse points & and inner thigh -  try it!
Always apply in an upwards motion. 


Love Me is used in love spells that are designed to draw a person of the opposite sex closer and cause him or her to openly declare feelings of love. These spiritual supplies are usually used when the lover is someone the practitioner knows - that is, they are not used to attract a new or unknown lover.

How to use Love Drawing oil in candle magick: 

Fridays are the best days for love magick, choose to do your spell in the planetary hour of Venus, preferably first thing in the morning; for beneficial spells such as love and romance the moon should be waxing.
You will need to be clean, in a space that is clean. Know your intention and have a clear picture of the outcome you are creating. Anoint a pink candle in an upwards motion, using incantations as you do so; in addition you may wish to apply Love Drawing Hoodoo Powder - sold in the shop also - or roll your candle in love drawing herbs such as Rose petals or Lavender - also sold in the shop. Write a petition paper - you may wish to anoint that paper with Love Drawing Oil in the four corners as well and place it under the candle,  light your candle and concentrate on the outcome you want. 
Once the spell is finished, you can keep the remaining wax and petition paper, warm it in your hands and shape it into a heart, or a ball and keep it with you in a bag, or under your pillow, or bury it by your front door, or bury it in a pot plant. 


For external use only. A skin test is always recommended prior to wearing or bathing. 


Every ritual and conjure oil is hand prepared by me with pure intention, during the correct planetary alignments, moon phase, deity of the week and planetary hour. It is then ritually blessed and prayed over for three days.




***Occult properties of curio are provided for historical interest only and no outcome is guaranteed. None of this information should be taken as legal advice. Please use curio responsibly.


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