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Lilith Ritual Oil

Lilith Ritual Oil

A seductive blend of Jojoba oil, belladonna infused in olive oil, essential oils of ylang-ylang, patchouli,  clary sage, rose, musk and blue lotus in a 25ml glass dropper bottle.  




Created whilst Venus was in the underworld on a Leo Dark moon. 


A powerful blend of nightshade herbs and oils to assist your spiritual workings  with Lilith.
Anoint your temples, feet, back of the neck, candles, petitions, charms, jewellery, sigils, altar and petitions prior to workings.


Liliths Devotional workings include:

Serpent magick 
Blood moon workings
Magical workings involving Menstrual blood
Whore power workings
Erotic transgressions
Forbidden Sexuality
Sex magick
Sexual empowerment
Seduction and sexual bindings
Succubus workings
Shadow work pertaining to sexuality
Defiance of oppressive elements
Pursuing Your own authority in matters of sexuality
Integrating sacred Whore archetype
Workings in accordance with Temple prostitution 
As an Offering during Invocation and evocation rituals


This fierce and independent goddess has been called many names,
"mother of demons"

"queen of the night"

"Satan ' s wife"

Many witches and pagans know that she is a goddess of the night, sexuality, storms and rebellion. Lilith challenges societal norms and empowers us to embrace our true nature. Often referred to as a "dark goddess "  Ancient teachings tell us that she represents Venus in her dark phase of the underworld. Oftentimes she is related to the New moon.
Working with Lilith requires courage, honesty, and a willingness to embrace the uncharted territories of our psyche. She can guide us on a transformative journey of self discovery, helping us shed societal conditioning and reclaim our sovereignty.
Through her guidance, we can learn to honor our desires, embrace our sexuality and assert our boundaries.

As the Goddess of the Night, Lilith offers us a profound connection to our innermost selves, including the hidden depths and shadows that reside within. She invites us to explore and integrate those shadow aspects, for it is through this integration that we can find balance and wholeness. By delving into the depths of our own darkness, we can reclaim our power, re awaken our sexual prowess, embrace sacred sexuality, heal our wounds, and awaken to our authentic selves.


**Nightshades such as Belladonna and Henbane must be treated with reverence and respect at no time are they to be used internally




 Created in Latrobe Valley by the craft and curio.


This oil is NOT a fragrance oil neither a perfume oil per se. This offering is an anointing ritual oil/spell oil/offertory oil and its scent is subtle and is the direct outcome of botanical, resins macerations and infusions and premium essential oils used sparingly.
Information provided in this listing has not been evaluated/approved by TGA, the item is not intended for human consumption. We are not responsible for misuse of this product. By purchasing this item you are agreeing to this statement and acknowledging understanding of this statement. Must be at least 18 years of age to purchase and by purchasing these products you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age. Sold as a curio only



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