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Hexing Oil

Hexing Oil


Used in malefic ritual spells with the intent of placing curses, jinxes, tricks, and hexes, avenge severe harm or damage via revenge spells.
Have you tried reversal and protection spells but have not had the desired result? Then perhaps it is time for a trick.
Use with caution, and only if you are serious.

How to use Hexing Oil in a Spell or Ritual:
To perform a simple cursing spell, you will need is a black candle, a torn square piece of brown paper bag, and some hexing oil and goofer dust or crossing powder.
You are then going to carve your enemy's name backwards and downwards on the black candle. Anoint the candle by drawing the oil down the candle towards the bottom. You may also want to do this facing the general direction of your enemy. If you have the craft and curio goofer dust or crossing powder on hand, you can sprinkle a bit on the anointed candle. Place the candle in an appropriate candle holder and put it on a simple plate.
Then you are going to write your enemy's name backward on the piece of paper bag. Dot the four corners with Hexing Oil. 
When you are ready, light the candle and recite psalm 35 or any curse or incantation you choose. Now take the piece of paper and burn it in the flame. Leave the ashes on the plate. When you have completed this, I recommend washing your hands or taking a cleansing bath. When the candle has completely burned out, take all the remains away from your home. If you wish, throw them into running water, such as a stream or river, that is running in a direction away from you. You may also bury them or simply leave them at a crossroads. Wherever you leave them, don't look back.

Store upright in a cool dark place.

Anointing oils are made with genuine roots, herbs, oils and minerals used to fix candles, curio, altar tools, altar, mojo bags, gris gris, doll babies, in spell jars, honey jars, vinegar jars, anoint petition papers, the body, anoint amulets and conjure hands or anything you need.Every oil is ritually hand prepared by me with pure intention, during the correct planetary alignments, moon phase, deity of the week and planetary hour.
Occult properties of curio are provided for historical interest only and no outcome is guaranteed. None of this information should be taken as legal advice.
Please use curio responsibly.

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