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Hex Breaking Oil

Hex Breaking Oil


This formula is used when you need to break a hex/jinx, break a turn of bad luck, to stop the evil eye, to fix tricks againsts you, and cleanse yourself from negative influences.
If you have had a string of bad luck and things are going against you, this oil is for you.

Hexl Breaker Oil is a protection oil used to reverse spells, hexes, curses, crossed conditions, and jinxes. Not particularly used for revenge but more for banishing unwanted and unclean forces and returning intentions back to the sender.
Whether you may have been affected by the Evil Eye, malicious intentions, or bad energy, it can help reverse the effects, neutralise energy and provide a protective shield between you and those who wish you harm.

After cleansing, apply to your pulse points and back of your neck, use in spellwork, petition papers, candle spells and anoint charms, gris gris and mojo bags, dab a spot in the heel of your shoe, add to floor wash, or put into salt and sprinkle around your home, doorways and entrances.

When using Saint Michael or other protective deity, rub a little oil onto your hands and then anoint their image or icon and hang it over your front door, or place near your front door and/or above the head of your bed. You may even anoint a bit onto a bible and place it under your bed or pillow. Recite the prayer of St Michael or your own incantations of protection. 

How to use Hex Breaker Oil in a Spell or Ritual:
To perform a return to sender spell, get a black candle and a small mirror. Using a pin, nail, knife or toothpick, carve the name of the person who caused you harm into the candle spelling it out backward. Anoint the candle with Hex Breaker Oil from the top of the candle toward the bottom, covering both the top and bottom ends of the candle while pointing the tip of the candle in the direction of your enemy. Make sure the candle is pointed away from you and is pointed in the direction of the person who caused you harm. Place the candle in an appropriate candle holder and place this on top of the mirror. Light the candle and recite psalm 101.
​​​​​​​When the spell is complete, place all the remaining items in a paper bag and bury it at a crossroads (intersection).

Contains: Coconut carrier oil, essential oils, roots and curio with hex breaking capabilities.

Always do a spot test when using it on your skin.  

Anointing oils are made with genuine roots, herbs, oils and minerals used to fix candles, curio, altar tools, altar, mojo bags, gris gris, doll babies, in spell jars, honey jars, vinegar jars, anoint petition papers, the body, anoint amulets and conjure hands or anything you need.
Every oil is ritually hand prepared by me with pure intention, during the correct planetary alignments, moon phase, deity of the week and planetary hour.

Occult properties of curio are provided for historical interest only and no outcome is guaranteed. None of this information should be taken as legal advice. Please use curio responsibly.

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