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Healing Incense/ Spell Powder

A natural herbal incense blend made from local, wildcrafted and organic botanicals, with roots, resins songs and prayers. 


This incense can be used as a general cleansing and blessing incense burned over charcoal discs, or can be used like any spell powder for candle spells, cleansing and bathing, mojo bags, in doll babies, poppets and deployment. 


Containing a sacred blend of healing and protective herbs and curio to assist you and your loved ones for finding the answers to heal, to help clear blockages in healing, to help make adjustments for your healing journey. 

As with any workings, you may wish to choose a beneficial time to do your spell, choose a waxing moon, on the planetary days of the Moon, Mercury, Venus and the Sun. Create a ritual space, cleansed and clean. Be cleansed and clean, and you are ready for sorcery!


As an incense: Light a charcoal disc in a censer or fire proof dish, wait a few minutes for the charcoal to ignite fully. Add small pinches of the botanical blend to the charcoal and cleanse yourself from feet to head, go on to cleanse your space too. 


For a healing bath: On a Stove top, Add Sea salt, Epsom Salts and bi carb to a litre of pure water, add the Healing Botanical blend to the water and simmer gently for 10 minutes. Pray sing, meditate over the mixture, say you power and spell words. Add this blend to running bath water. This blend can stay in a jar in the fridge for a week. 


As a candle spell: Anoint a white or blue candle with olive oil and teeny bit of salt, then roll the candle in the healing blend. All the while you are seeing the results you wish for clearly in your minds eye. Say, sing, chant power words such as "healing comes to me easily, I will find the strength to heal from this, I will find the answers to heal.. " etc. 
Adhere the candle to a flame proof plate or dish and light the candle and send your intention to the spiritual realm. 


In mojo bags: Make a healing mojo bag to carry on you to assist you on your healing journey. Sew or obtain a small blue or white material bag, gather any charms, stones and crystals, curio that represents healing to you, the craft and curio healing botanical blend, brown paper and pencil for a petition, and incense to bless and bring the bag to life.  

As you place your spell ingredients into your bag, give it a job, tell them what to do... you are enchanting your ingredients as they go in.. add the charms and crystals, write a petition and slip it into the bag, add the healing powder. Now breathe life into the bag - hold it up to your mouth and gently breathe into it until you feel it vibrate. 
Tie off the top or sew it closed. 
Then pass the bag through either Lavender or Frankincense smoke. 
Carry the bag touching your skin for a week. After a week you can carry it with you and sleep with it. DO NOT let anyone see it or touch the bag. If someone sees it, you will need to cleanse it with smoke again.
If someone else touches the bag it is dead and you will need to take it apart and start again. 


Room deployment: You may choose to blow the herbs into the four directions in a room. 


Doll babies and Poppet: You can make your own doll baby or get one from the craft and curio here:
Healing Poppet

Stuff the poppet as indicated and fill it with this healing herbal blend. 
Follow the instructions on the poppet spell.


*Occult properties of curio are provided for historical interest only, and no outcome is guaranteed. None of this information should be taken as medical or legal advice. Please use curio responsibly.


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