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Goofer Dust

Goofer Dust

17 grams

Goofer Dust is a compound that has long been used by Southern root doctors and conjurers to work so-called Enemy Tricks.
A mixture of Graveyard Dirt, Sulphur Powder, Snakeskin and powdered herbs, this powder is alleged to jinx an enemy, in family, money, job, health matters causing trouble and strife, wasting away to death - Due to the nature of this substance it is recommended that you use it with utmost discernment.

As Robert Farris Thomson indicates in his works on Congo folk-magic, the word goofer comes from the Kikongo word "kufwa," which means "to die." Among older hoodoo practitioners, this derivation is very clear, because there "goofer" is not only an adjective modifying "dust" but also a verb ("He goofered that man") and a noun ("She put a goofer on him").

Folks well-versed in such doings tell us that they have picked up a an enemy's footprint, mixed it with Goofer Dust and stopped the mixture up in a bottle, which they have then hidden in the crotch of a tree where it could not be found. Others claim that they have sprinkled Goofer Dust around an enemy's home, in the yard, or even in the bedroom, to cause hard luck, trouble and strife. 

Used in spells of vengeance, revenge and those designed to lay an enemy on or in the ground. Most commonly Goofer Dust is sprinkled with the left hand, upon a path where you know the target will walk. This is accompanied by curses of ill will against the target. Goofer Dust may also be used for dressing black figure candles named for your target, added to crossing bottles, used to dress pictures or petitions of your target, used to dust items they may come in contact with, or any number of other creative methods of deployment.
Any remnants of spell work for crossing your enemies should ideally be disposed of in a graveyard at a crossing or in a place of filth and rot.
Ensure that when leaving you not look back, and that you return home a different route than that you arrived.
It is recommended that you use this, you thoroughly cleanse yourself, or at minimum your hands, with Florida Water, and anoint yourself (forehead, back of neck, and wrists) with either Van Van Oil or Uncrossing Oil after handling the powder to remove any spiritually noxious side effects. A series of spiritual cleansing baths is highly recommended. 
Depending upon the severity of the crossing work, you may wish to do this cleansing exercise at least once daily for seven days following the work.

Conjured powders are made with genuine roots, herbs, oils and minerals used to fix candles, curio, altar tools, altar, mojo bags, gris gris, doll babies, in spell jars, honey jars, vinegar jars, dust petition papers, the body, amulets or anything you need.
Every powder is ritually hand prepared by me with pure intention, during the correct planetary alignments, moon phase, deity of the week and planetary hour.

***Occult properties of curio are provided for historical interest only and no outcome is guaranteed. None of this information should be taken as legal advice.
Please use curio responsibly.

This product is intended to be used for spiritual purposes.


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