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Brighid ritual oil

Brighid ritual oil

Created on the eve of Imbolc during Brighid’s sacred time, infused by the suns energy and the full moon in Aquarius.
Use for devotional workings pertaining to the fertility goddess of the sacred fire and water, Goddess Brighid. Anoint yourself, your altar, candles, charms and statues.  


Contains fractionated coconut oil, calendula and rose infused in olive oil, rowan berries, orange peel, calendula petals and essential oils of amber, grapefruit and frankincense.




Prayer to Brighid
"Radiant Brigid, flame of inspiration, Goddess of healing and divine transformation, I humbly ask for your presence divine, To enter this space and make it thine. With love and honor, I call your name, Great Goddess of the eternal flame. May your presence fill this sacred space, Surrounding me with your loving embrace. With reverence, I offer this invitation, and pray thee hear my invocation, Hear my call Brigid bright and fair, As my words fill the air. Goddess of the hearth and home, Show me I am not alone. Grace me with your divine company, It is my honor to welcome thee. Hail and welcome Brigid!"

Celtic Goddess Brigid (also known as Brid, Brigit, Brighid, Bride, and Brigantia amongst other names) is a figure of profound reverence and devotion, known for her multifaceted nature that transcends religious boundaries.
She holds a significant place in both Pagan and Christian traditions. Brigid is a Goddess of many things, including: healing, poetry, blacksmithing, the sun, the home, the land, wisdom, warriors, fertility, inspiration, midwifery, thresholds, and the sacred flame. She represents the eternal flame of inspiration and the transformative power of creativity. Brigid is a guardian of hearth and home, and her presence brings warmth, protection, and abundance.


Made in Latrobe Valley by the craft and curio

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