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Ereshkigal Incense

Ereshkigal Incense

Glass vial containing botanicals and resins: Cedar, Cypress, Lotus Blossoms, Myrrh, Palo Santo. 


Created during the descent of Venus into the underworld, under a waning moon. Contains  herbs, woods and resins in honour of the Goddess Ereshkigal.
Burn over charcoal or dress candles, petitions and altars for devotional and chthonic workings, in honour of the Queen of the Dead. 


Ereshkigal is a powerful goddess to work with for transformation, shadow work, as offerings to/with the dead and workings in the cemetary. This incense can be used to honour Innana, and Ishtar


Ereshkigal, the Mesopotamian goddess of the underworld,of death, the queen of the dead, and rebirth, and the wife of Nergal.

Ereshkigal is one of the most important goddesses in Mesopotamian mythology.

She is a psychopomp, responsible for judging the dead and deciding their fate. 

She is often associated with mourning and grief.

Ereshkigal is a complex and powerful goddess. She is both feared and revered by the people of Mesopotamia. 


Use in ritual in conjunction with the Ereshkigal Devotional Candle


Made in the Latrobe Valley by the craft and curio.



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