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Dark Goddess Herbal Incense

Dark Goddess Herbal Incense

10g tin bottle and 20g bag


A dark earthy, spicy blend of botanicals gathered and crafted specifically to be used for invocations and workings to the Dark Goddess and the Deities of the Moon.


Contains: Artemisias Vulgaris and Absinthium, Achillia Millefolium, Salvia Apiana, Cupressus, Genus Rosa, Jasminum, Illicium verum,
Deities: Diana, Selene, Triple Goddess, Circe, Hekate, Medusa, Morrigan, Moranna, Sekhmet, Kali, Lilith, Ereshkigal, Persephone, Atremis, Baba Yaga, Nyx, Oya, Freya, Morgan la Fey. 
Use as a fumitory incense over a charcoal disc, can be dry burned in an oil burner (see video abve), in spells and potions dedicated to your chosen Dark Goddess, for amulets and charms,  infused into a ritual oil or an alcohol tincture to anoint candles, charms, talismans and create balms to anoint yourself, add sea salt and epsom salts to create a cleansing bath salt during Full and New Moon Rituals.


Ignite a charcoal disc and asperge it with Dark Goddess Incense to cleanse crystals, cleanse your altar, your divination tools, your home, yourself. Use it during divination to induce vision. Use it before bed to promote lucid dreaming.
The ashes sometimes need to be removed from the disc before adding more herbal incense. 


Moon Ritual Use:
Choose a night where the moon is in the cycle you wish to harness.
New Moon (before you can see the crest) for Shadow work, transformation, banishing, letting things go, hexing, spells of revenge, protection, deep emotional digging, dreamwork, divination, or simply meditation to connect with the dark goddess of your choice. 
Full moon for gratitude, abundance, celebration, meditation, joy, letting go, dreamwork, divination, accumulation of your wishes, or again simply connecting with the moons abundant energy on the night of the full moon.

You may wish to create an altar for the purpose you chose - facing the moon. If it's a dark moon you will be facing west.  If outside, your altar may simply be a rock, or a tree stump, a cloth on the ground or a grand table where you place your spiritual tools, the elements, an icon or charm that represents the Dark Goddess you wish to petition or invoke. You may choose to have crystals, and offerings that the goddess likes. 
You will need a flameproof vessel or cauldron and charcoal disc to give an offering of this incense. 
Be clean and be in a space that is clean. Dress in ritual garb or nothing at all! 
Prepare your space with an altar cloth, candles, water or wine, crystals, bones, furs, food, flowers etc. you may sprinkle the altar with Dark Goddess incense as an offering. 
Ignite the charcoal disk and allow it to light up fully - this can take up to 5 minutes. Careful - it gets VERY hot.
You may draw a circle of salt, water, smoke, or fire around you. 
Call in the corners if this is what your spiritual practice requires.
Build energy using breathwork, mantra, prayer, song, drum, dance. 
Sprinkle some of the Dark Goddess Incense into the lit charcoal disk.
Allow the scent to rise, bring it in over your head, you may inhale some. 

Call her by name...
Tell her how powerful she is,
how beautiful she is,
List her qualities as if speaking to your lover, 
Tell her the gifts you have brought,
and ask if she would stay with you awhile... 
All the while offering more smoke to her
watch how the smoke behaves,
how it dances...
You may read the smoke...
Meditate on this, visualise her..
wait for a response or a vision, or a word. 
If you have something to ask of her - write her a petition, then burn it in the cauldron. 
Keep this going as long as you wish. 
Then thank her for her prescence, and close your circle. 
I like to sit with her as long as my charcoal burns...

The ash left in the cauldron can then be used to make black salt. 


*Occult properties of curio are provided for historical interest only and no outcome is guaranteed.  None of this information should be taken as legal advice. Please use curio responsibly.



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