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Crystal Tea & Potions Box

Crystal Tea & Potions Box

Tea magick, Crystal Magick, Herb magick and more! Using crystals, symbols, herbs and hydrosols to create your own blends and spells, let your green witch go wild with this little altar box. 

The Crystals:
The following crystals can be used to infuse the water of your tea and potions.
Place the crystals in water overnight, remove them in the morning and enjoy the benefits infused in the waters.

Carnelian star for you to harness the fiery power of your superstardom in your sacral and creative chakra. Renowned for its symbolic meanings of warmth, strength, courage and creativity as well as healing properties such as emotional balance and physical health. 
Clear Quartz points cluster is a master healer and may be used to amplify your intentions. Clear quartz's spiritual and metaphysical properties enable it to cleanse all the chakras, protect against negative energies, and connect with higher levels of consciousness. This powerful crystal is truly a gift from the Earth, providing healing, clarity, and light to all who embrace it. 
Aventurine Merkaba star a positive stone of prosperity, diffusing negative emotions, reinforcing leadership, promoting compassion and encouraging perseverance.  The Merkaba symbol is a powerful tool for healing and balance, as it helps to restore the flow of Prana through the body and mind. It can help us to become more aware of ourselves on a deeper level, allowing us to tap into our inner wisdom and intuition

Amethyst point: relieves stress, strain, soothes irritability, balances mood swings, dispels anger, rage, fear and anxiety. 
Black Obsidian Point brings clarity, with the ability to release emotional, physical, and spiritual blockages, drawing out stress and tension.  

The following crystals CANNOT be put into water as they are water soluble and may leach certain unfavourable minerals into the water. It also dissolves or rusts when in contact with water.

You may use your crystal to charge your tea with intention by making a grid around the water or tea, putting the crystal into a jar and putting the jar into the water overnight, removing the jar and then using the charged water in your teas and spells 
Sodalite point to bring peace, sleep, tranquility and activate your throat chakra.
Haematite : Focuses energy and emotions for balance between the body, mind and spirit, dissolves negativity and prevents you from absorbing the negativity of others. Haematite is strong, supporting timidity, boosting self-esteem and survivability, enhancing willpower and reliability, and imparting confidence. 

Selenite: named after the Greek goddess of the moon Selene, is renowned for its luminosity and is often associated with purity, peace, and higher consciousness.
Healing Properties: The crystal is believed to have the power to cleanse and charge other crystals, clear blockages in your energy field, and direct high-frequency energy into the body, promoting spiritual growth and mental clarity.
Yooperlite Broom:  This stone of truth allows you to recognise and express your feelings objectively. Yooperlite releases anger and negative thoughts and helps fight your fears and phobias.

The Waters:
Florida water: read about the qualities of Florida water here

Lavender Hydrosol:  Can be ingested and added to tea and waters. Read about the uses of Lavender Hysrosol here

Rosemary Hydrosol: Can be added to tea and herbal blends. Read more about the uses of Rosemary hydrosol here
Mugwort Hydrosol: A favoutite herb amongst witches. Can be ingested - SPARINGLY, added to tea and herbal blends. Read more about the benefits and precautions of Mugwort hydrosol here

Magickal properties of Tea Tree are Courage, Riches, and Strength. Known as the “herb of the angels”, tea tree has been used by all major religions throughout history in protective rites. Tea tree is associated with archangels Michael and Gabriel, and has a history of use in exorcism. Tea tree has long been recognized as a protector and a guide. It has been used to cleanse and protect before and after magical workings and to help the shaman successfully enter, navigate, and return from the Dreamtime with the knowledge he or she seeks, particularly when that knowledge relates to matters of healing, protection, or growth. Today, it’s used to cleanse and consecrate magickal tools and spaces in conjunction with other magickal herbs.


The Herbal Teas: please click for more information
Sacred Lotus

Marshmallow Leaf

Marshmallow root

Rose Petals


Roman Chamomile
Lemon Balm

All of these can be used to create spells, oils, tinctures and spell jars


Peaceful Home floor wash   

Glass Bottles for potions, tinctures and infusions.
A witchy mug for your herbal brews.

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