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Chicken Foot Talisman

Chicken Foot Talisman

Chicken Foot Talismans are traditional to Southern Conjure and hoodoo practices.
It's a stable in hoodoo!


The chicken foot scratches backwards and away at any negative energy or attention so that it doesn't get stuck on you. 

Chickens are great at uncovering, removing and exposing things. Use for protection and to keep enemies, unwanted people and energy away.
Use in reversing or removing hexes or crossed conditions.
Rub the foot down with Fiery Wall of Protection Oil to "feed" it.

Hang it over a door, a window, keep on your altar or carry it with you in your pocket, hang it from your cars rear vision window.

This talisman has been hand prepared by me, ritually cleansed, blessed and anointed.
Then ritually prepared with oils and fed to protect and defend, ready to be used. 
You may wish to continue to feed it with Fiery Wall of Protection oil to keep it finely tuned. 

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