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Charcoal Discs 10 pk

Charcoal Discs 10 pk

Charcoal disks allow you to burn any dried herb, resin or incense powder with ease. 
Simply place the disk with the indentation facing up in a censer, a heatproof dish, censer or cauldron, light with a lighter or a lit match until the disk sparks all over; 
this takes 30 seconds or so.  Wait 5 minutes for the disc to get hot - you may want to fan it a little to accelerate this process, then put a pinch of herbs, resin or powder on top.   The incense will burn/melt and release a scent and produce a lot of smoke, after a few minutes the incense/herb will turn into ash, and you will want to re-apply the material.  It is advisable sometimes to remove spent frankincense ash or some herbal ash with tongs, or a heat proof spoon or knife as it may not smell appealing, then re-apply.  

Tongs are handy to move the disc around in the censer: never use your fingers. The disc should be allowed to burn out and cool in the censer before disposing.  

These disks stay lit for about an hour. Then, they turn to ash and can be disposed of easily. 

Be careful when using charcoal disks as they get very hot.   Do not touch the vessel holding the disk once the disk is lit.  

Use only in a heatproof container. 
They are not safe for use with glass.  


Please note: these discs can reach temperatures up to 800 degrees C. Do not dispose of ash in a rubbish bin as it may cause a fire. Just like lit candles never leave charcoal to burn discs un attended. Always use discs on a fire proof surface, safely while you work your rituals. Do not ignite the disc in your hand as it lights instantly. 


Brand: Quick lite

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