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Black Henbane Hyoscyamus Niger Seeds

Black Henbane Hyoscyamus Niger Seeds

50 seeds

Botanical name: Hyoscyamus Niger



Likes full sun, well drained sandy soil.

Grows over half a meter tall.

Sow in Autumn, or early spring in a warm spot

Black Henbane, Hyoscyamus niger, has a strong and unpleasant smell being used by Old World black magic practitioners. One of the original ingredients of for a medieval witches’ brew or flying balm. The leaves traditionally used as a remedy for asthma, insomnia and pain, while the seeds were considered an aphrodisiac. Note: This herb is extremely toxic and can be fatally poisonous. Do not take internally. Black Henbane is native to Europe, Asia and North Africa.

Frost resistant but drought tender.

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