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Baba Yaga Hut Ritual Spoon

Baba Yaga Hut Ritual Spoon

Use this spoon in your spiritual practice to invoke the Slavic Goddess Baba Yaga, for baking, mixing incense or spells, necromancy and feeding the ancestors, as a wand or an amulet against hunger and poverty,  anoint it with oils and herbs to create a protective charm to hang in your home.


Baba Yaga is the old witch from Slavic Folktales who flies in a mortar and pestle, using a broom to sweep her tracks behind her, she has iron teeth, she lives on the edge of the world of Nav and Yav in a dark birch forest in a cottage that spins on chicken feet, her fence is made from human skulls – each burns with a flame. 


Baba Yaga is a wise psychopomp who guards the entrance to the underground river Smorodina; guiding spirits of the deceased into the domain of the dead. She is the daughter of the powerful Dark God Viy - guardian of the underground world of Nav and wife to the all powerful God Veles. 


Modern Fairy Tales present Baba Yaga as an evil old woman who kills all who bother her and cooks and eats children. These are all rumours created by the church to demonise her. 

Baba Yaga us a wise elder woman who provides guidance and advice to all who shall wish to seek it… sometimes in the form of a riddle or quest that can only be fulfilled by the worthy.

A fierce warrior woman who handles Kladinets swords and fights together with the strongest of warriors. She is a guide to all heroes who visit her cottage. She treats them with food and drink, cleanses them in her banya, gives advice and guidance, gifts guiding tangles, warrior stallions and other magickal gifts to those who deserve them.

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