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Musings of a Traditional Witch in a Modern World.

It’s been a long time since my last story - and there is reason for it. The world is fast becoming nothing short of a science fiction fantasy movie and as I sit and ponder the future for my family, my business, my practice and what I hold true to my heart, I am torn. As I take part in my daily practice I have moments of “oh, maybe I should post a picture of that to keep my audience captive”... but I am constantly at a crossroads about whether or not to share my spiritual journey with the internet world or whether to keep my practice private. It always falls upon the latter. I go to take photo’s of my altar/s - I get a loud “NOo”. I go to make a post about my latest spellwork. Again “NOo”... Something that I had been musing had been playing upon me since I started this journey. In this world where candy pop witches flood instagram with fluoro-coloured-polymer-clay-and-glitter-crystal-wands and the such, and the internet rules whether or not your business is engaging enough with its customers on the digital platform as to how successful you can be at this, is the make or break in this game... and it is just a game. To me - My witchcraft is private, it’s deeply spiritual, it’s a portal into the universal consciousness, it’s the maturing of the soul, it’s weaving the fabric of the matrix, it’s communing with the spirit world, the unexplained and things that cannot be described in words or have its picture posted on Instagram. There are unseen, unimaginable forces that for thousands of years have controlled the (d)evolution of humanity; a dark magick that pulls our collective consciousness into constructed systems of beliefs, judgement and hypocrisy. It is being used to divide and conquer us. The black scrying mirrors that we have hanging in pride of place in our lounge rooms, and that we carry in our pockets are always watching, always listening, learning and dictating our every move. This is no more disturbingly apparent than right now.

How many times a day do you pull out your government issued spy device? I do too many times than I would like. And in case I am being too cryptic I am talking about our addiction with screens and devices. The screens are the scrying mirrors. The screens are the Artificial Intelligence we invite into our lives and allow to control our consciousness. And it’s always been a battle of our consciousness. Our consciousness creates or destroys our reality. We have the power to create beauty, peace, abundance, health and prosperity in our lives, or we have the power to destroy it - all through thinking about it.. You know this with your magickal practice! We witches know that where we put our imagination we can alter the fabric of reality. Not only this: it is also the battle of our ego. Our perceived acceptance. Our virtual worth. Our place in the social media community. We allow the the world to watch our success and our failure. We yearn to be praised, encouraged, ‘liked & followed’. We also allow ourselves to be judged, scrutinised and condemned. We allow our energy to be sucked out of our work and out of the pictures we post. Pictures trapped in time and space for-ever. We allow our pictures to be “taken”, and we all know what can be done with a picture now, don’t we Witches? So this is where I have a deep dilemma. How do I, a Witch wishing to kill her ego, wanting nothing more than to disappear into the forest to live in a house on chicken legs; promote my online business and try to fit in with this modern world where everything wants to be watched and observed, ‘liked & followed’, remain anonymous? Can I find balance between #WitchesofInstagram and my dream of being with Baba Yaga in the woods?

Sorcery is not about instagram pictures. It’s not about posting “what I’m up to” in my witchcraft on farcebook. It’s not about how many likes, followers or subscribers I get. When I’m constantly thinking about what post will get more likers or what new business idea I can launch I’m sitting in ego and not gaining spiritual growth - I lose the essence of the power I am trying to harness. In effect I am giving away my power. I no longer feel comfortable sharing my sorcery with the world wide web. I believe the energy I have put into it my work can be taken and misconstrued, altered, and messed with. What I AM about right now is the death of ego, peeling back the layers of this social construct, disconnecting from the A.I., and reconnecting to the liminal fabric that weaves our souls and reconnects our consciousness to the power of creation. Because this is the quiet war of our lifetime, it's the war on our consciousness; It’s a spiritual war that we witches can win - if we choose to. And we can do this much more powerfully when we ditch our smartphones and our facebook profiles. I don’t apologise for not being engaging of late. Sorcery is not about asking for acceptance from an audience. So it’s not you - it’s me and it’s personal. Be unique, be yourself, be powerful, you don’t need instagram or pinterest to practice your spirituality - it usually just leads to wanting more stuff. Sorcery is not about 'stuff'. It’s about what you have on hand or on the land. Connect with that first. The rest of the 'stuff' will come later. Rock on witches.

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