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Baneful Magick

Updated: May 30, 2022

Well! What an eventful couple of weeks it has been... I am a very patient woman and being that I have had my time with partying, hooning, burnouts, yelling, cussing and the lifestyle that comes with these kinds of activities, I understand when people need to vent out their 'good times', and I understand that people are sometimes not well enough to control their outbursts - BUT when new people come into a neighborhood and have no consideration for their new rental home, other neighbors, young children in the street or their surrounding community and threaten to do damage to property - for 6 weeks no end - it was my responsibility as a sorceress of magick and the ability to manipulate my surroundings to put an end to the blatant disregard these neighbors had for their fellow men, women and children in the street.

Yes, I cursed.

I cursed them that they may never return and to walk the earth forever, homeless and aimlessly.

Now, before anyone thinks about the power of three - I am VERY aware of the repercussions of performing hexes and YES; I had a good hard look at myself to see what aspects I could change about myself to stop this reality manifesting in front of my eyes and adjusted myself. Baneful magick was my very last resort - I was prepared to pay the price to bring back peaceful and safe enjoyment of the neighborhood. I even went to all of my neighbors to make sure I wasn't being unreasonable in my intentions. The whole neighborhood had had a gut full of the newcomers and wanted them gone too. This is not the first time I have sprinkled Hot Foot powder across a neighbors walkway. The first time I did this I was absolutely amazed that it worked. So of course I would do it again and again.

I chose the night before the darkest night; a powerful time for banishing/cursing work - the night before Luna went into her darkest phase. I waited until nightfall and at my altar I mixed up Hot Foot Powder all the while whispering my intention over the mixture, praying to the dark Gods/Goddess's and asking my Ancestors to protect and guide me. My plan was to let the mixture get more powerful on my altar overnight and sprinkle it over their driveway and gate the next night. I was so on edge that night, and slept lightly. My cat woke me at 5 am (I'm sure he knew). I woke with a start and my first thoughts were - NOW Do it NOW. I knew no one would see me. I knew what I needed was a big ask. 2 weeks. I wanted them gone by that full moon. They HAD to be GONE in two weeks by the next full moon. I dressed, prayed again at my Ancestral altar, grabbed the mix, a few coins, and left the house.

The new morning was dawning quickly, so in fear of being seen I went straight across the road and emptied the packet all over their driveway walking backwards and repeating my intention. I then went to the nearest crossroads and threw down an offering of three silver coins to the dark Gods.

It was done. So mote it be.

The next night at the new moon I prayed and visualised and gave many offerings to all of my allies and helpers to grant me my wish.

Then the trouble started. One could say this was the power of three, but I believe I needed something big to happen to have my wish manifest fast. Two things happened that were upsetting: one of them I got Hives (which takes two weeks to heal) - my fault for indulging. The hooning, drug dealings, yelling of abuse and loud rap music continued. In that time my husband and I thought it would be a good time to get the security cameras up and running again. The night before the Full Moon - the people across the street did a drug deal very late at night; their customers pulled straight out of their driveway without turning and straight into my car. I believe this was on purpose as there was frequent yelling aimed at us demanding to move our car. I guess we were hindering their ability to do burnouts out of their driveway...? I was awake and heard the whole thing happen. I was so furious that I was shaking and in shock. But we got it all on camera.

We weren't about to approach these (unstable) group of young men and ask them for their friends contact details to settle this without trouble, so I was prepared to take this all the way with the authorities. I wanted them raided, I wanted them fined for hooning in unregistered cars, I wanted them to run and I went to the Police and filed a report.

The night of the full moon came - I manifested my intention harder than ever. All the while we watched them very closely. We noticed the next morning when they woke up - they came to their gate and had a look at the damage to my car, then hurried inside. I left the car there as a constant reminder... Curious things began to happen. People started to leave; pillows tucked under their arms and backpacks on their backs, packed into cars and for a few days it was quiet. The Police needed more time to find the people in the Silver Hilux, and wanted us to draft profiles on the people living in the house because of all the evidence of criminal activity. 'This may take weeks' the Police said. So, heavy hearted I thought... OK. I'll let this play out.

A little history on this rental property across the street, if I may fill you in - It's a Slum. It's some privately owned and operated house where the owner/slumlord leases it out under the table to vulnerable, mentally unwell, addicts and the downtrodden desperate people of society. He does it on the sly because he is running a REALLY shonky deal. Our advantage is that he doesn't want to get caught, so at the first sign of trouble - he evicts the tenants; as he doesn't want to be exposed himself... This has been happening for many years.

Now, here's where it got interesting: A friend messaged me and reminded me that she has contacts with mental health housing organisations in town and they have contacts to Mr. Slumlord. She got someone to contact Mr. Slumlord to 'warn' him that his tenants were damaging property and getting involved with police and about to have trouble.. and that potentially he could have trouble too... WOW. Just what I needed. This was the first day of the moon going into it's waning phase. Mr. Slumlord was alerted, he insisted that the Police get involved, and we learned that there was only supposed to be one man living there under a loose agreement - there were 5 people.

Second day into waning phase and knowing that we wouldn't get any compensation from the Silver Hilux driver anytime soon and knowing that the police wouldn't do anything for a long time - if at all - my husband went out on the street to take the code for the paint colour of the damaged car door to get a new one. The man who we learned was the only one supposed to be living there (and the one who would yell abuse to us) came across to talk to my husband and he played real dumb. And it went something like this: Man: "Ohhh what happened here, mate?" pointing to the damaged door. My husband: "Your friends in the Silver Toyota Hilux hit our car coming out of your driveway at 12:35 am on Friday - we have it all on footage and the police will be dealing with it" Man: "Oh, shit. Yeah I know who that was. I'll give them a call and get them to pay for a new door, and the other bloke that lives here can fit it for you - yeah. I'm a qualified Diesel mechanic and I know where you can get one... etc etc. Yeah, I don't want any trouble so I'll get it sorted for you. Hey, you know you're not allowed to park opposite a driveway?" (and this is where I know it was a deliberate act) My husband: "No, this is a double sized road and you see that unbroken white line there? That's where the road ends and I'm allowed anywhere behind that white line. You've got enough room to turn a truck out of your driveway without hitting anything behind this white line" Man: "Ohhh, naaah I don't think that's right but.." My husband: "No, the Police were here on Friday night taking photos and made no mention of me being parked illegally or otherwise" Man went home. Then that same afternoon at 3pm until 5 pm they packed their shit, flipped a bird at the camera... and left.. All of them. I am still dumbstruck. 2 weeks I gave them - give or take a few days. I knew it was a big ask to happen so quick, but it was well worth the 'cost' and the $180 to replace the door they damaged. It worked. So... If you're going to practice baneful magick/dark magick/hexing and cursing and asking BIG things to happen quickly - be prepared to pay a price and don't forget to thank your Deities and Ancestors before, during and afterwards. I still am.

'How's the serenity?'

Rock on, Witches!

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